Welcome to RandomSense.com! This is a collective of all the fansites and fanlistings run by myself, Josselyn, as well as a list of the fanlistings I have joined. Perhaps soon there will be other interesting goodies...we'll see. Thanks for visiting!
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Lastest Updates:

August 28, 2011 I officially open Jerk Alert!, the fanlisting for the character Clark "Mouth" Devereaux from the movie The Goonies.
July 30, 2011: This poor collective has been ignored for way too long...general cleanup begins!
January 26, 2008: I've closed the Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack fanlisting.
October 15, 2006: My newest fansite, Jorge-Online, opens!
August 8 2006: I open Edith, the fanlisting for the author E. Nesbit.
June 22 2006: My new fanlisting for podcasts, Podcaster, opens. This FL has my favorite layout so far!
June 18 2006: Shiney New Enemies, the fanlisting for the movie "Chain of Fools", opens.

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